Airpods, Windows, Skype and Teams

I decided to do another round of battle trying to get my Airpods to work for Skype and Teams calls with my work Windows machine. I managed to get audio from Windows into the Airpods but microphone was still using the Windows machine’s microphone. When tried to get the Windows machine to use the Airpods microphone, I ended up with no audio or microphone at all. Apparently these results are typical.

This Reddit post provided a good explanation and recommended using a Jabra dongle, apparently the same one that you get with the Jabra Evolve headset. Paying $75 for a thumbnail-sized dongle seems painful.

Microsoft support forums indicated this issue has been going on for years with both Skype and Teams with no hope of resolution:

I have been considering a Logitech Zone ( or Jabra Evolve ( headset for my work Windows machine. I really need something wireless to avoid being chained to my desk by my wired headset during calls.

Benefits of Logitech Zone - the dongle is compatible with my Logitech keyboard and mouse, and it can charge wirelessly on a Qi charger rather than a proprietary one like the Jabra. I already use a Logitech dongle and don’t have an issue with it sticking out of the laptop body - I just remember to put that edge up in my backpack. The fact that these dongles “just work” on Windows is compelling, and it would be great to have a headset that worked as reliably. Costs less than Jabra Evolve.

Benefits of Jabra Evolve - gets better reviews for comfort and sound and also has the earpieces that light up when you are on a call - useful when other people in the room want to talk to you. Dongle is smaller than the Logitech one. Worrying that it comes in a Skype version and a Universal version.

Alternatively I could dial into the call using the Airpods and an iPhone, and join again on my laptop and go on mute - this would work but doesn’t pass the “just works” test.

Has anyone else encountered the Airpods + Windows + Skype / Teams issues, or does anyone have experience with wireless headsets for Skype / Teams on Windows? Feel free to chime in with Skype / Teams on Mac as well, as I gather that’s not always plain sailing either.