Airport Time Capsule

My question is I have the airport time capsule in bridge mode connected to a power over Ethernet injector is this the correct settings for the airport time capsule? My internet provider claims the airport time capsule should be in “router mode” to be configured correctly with their network. Again what mode should the airport time capsule be in after connecting to the power over Ethernet injector? Thanks in advance for any help!

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What equipment does your isp provide?

Whether or not the AirPort is in bridge mode depends on your ISP’s equipment. You typically don’t want two routers in your network. I put my ISPs router into bridge mode then use my own router—because most are junk and easily hacked. I used to use the AirPorts until Apple stopped supporting them. If your ISP only supplies a modem, then your AirPort would be in router mode. If your ISPs device is a router that can’t be bridged, then your AirPort would be in bridge mode. If the ISP device can in either mode, I would bridge the ISP device and use the AirPort as the router. Even an unsupported Apple device is probably more secure than most ISP routers—at least for the time being…

As for the POE injector, it should be place it right before whatever device needs that power. Perhaps you are using a video camera. The network cable from your AirPort or switch would go to the injector’s LAN port, and your camera would connect to the POE port.

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My internet connection comes from the power over Ethernet injector.

Does the injector have routing capbilities?

If not, then the ISP is correct in saying the Time capsule needs to be configured as a router.

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The PoE injector “simply” provides the electrical
power, along with network data, using one cable.

If you can power your device, AKA you are near
an outlet, you don’t need the PoE injector, but you
certainly do need the network data :slight_smile:

If indeed your connectivity is supplied from a RG45
cable, your AirPort needs to be in router mode as
others have indicated.

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Another way of saying this, I believe, is that the POE Injector has nothing to do with the router vs. bridge mode issue. Correct?

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Yes that is correct. PoE has nothing to do with
data networking. It delivers Power over Ethernet,
using 4 wires in the 8 wire RG45 connector with
the remaining 4 wires used for data.

PoE is often used to provide power where there are
no power connections, like ceiling access points.