AirPower may finally be coming…

Just saw this on MacRumors. Definitely interested in this so I can set my iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all on the same charger by my bed. Probably not looking forward to the price though

Report: AirPower Has Entered Production and is Coming Soon


Well, let’s wait and see, I guess? :grin: In my opinion AirPower is just such a big topic because of the unprecedented delay. Of course, if they can make it work as advertised it is impressive from a technical standpoint and also pretty convenient. But my prediction is that it is too expensive and adds not enough value to justify the price tag. A perfect example for ‘Nice to have, but by no means necessary’. Nevertheless, I look forward to a possible release.

Same, it’s just nice to actually have some information now! :slight_smile:

It sure is. :smiley:

I would now add this would be a nice place to have motivation to get my AirPods out of my pocket since I washed them this morning and they are dead…

Oh no, RIP dear AirPods. :cold_sweat:

At this point I’ll believe when I see it.


If this thing works as advertised and if it actually ships, I think that Apple will have a difficult time making a value proposition that makes it worthwhile (to me). I’m willing to pay (a very high) premium for Apple computers and iOS devices because the time they save me and the timely security updates (especially for iOS devices) makes them worth it.

It doesn’t take many saved hours each year over the life of a MacBook to make the extra price worth it, but I cannot say the same about a charging mat. I’d consider this thing if it’s under $CAN100, but I don’t see that happening.

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Don’t forget that you will need the special Airpods case to be able to use them on the Airpower.

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Indeed. I’ll be over here holding my breath, you’ll be able to identify me by my blue hue.

If AirPower does indeed drop this year, I’ll use it as an excuse to upgrade my AirPods. They are officially 2 years old now and the right earbud is losing charge at a rate 20% faster than the left.

I’m in a similar situation. My AirPods are not holding a charge anywhere near as well as they used to, but I’m trying to hold out for a new version before I replace them.

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Magically, after a day they just started working again. This is the second time they have survived a wash.


I finally got tired of waiting. I bought the Nomad Qi Wireless Charging Base Station for Apple Watch, iPhone and Earpods from Best Buy last month ($129.95 in Canada). Obviously, I cannot test the charging of the AirPods yet but so far it has worked well for my Watch and iPhone X. It’s quite minimalist and I like not having all of the cables on my nightstand.

I saw this device, but ended up with the Nomad Qi Wireless Charging Hub Edition Base Station. The ability to charge my iPhone X on the Base Station, and iPad Pro/Apple Watch via the USB-C and USB-A ports appealed to me. To make things a little “neater”, I use a Mangotek Apple Watch Charger Stand plugged into the USB-A port.

Truthfully, I figured the Airpower would be twice the cost of my setup, and not support my iPad Pro.