AirTag vs built in Find My?

After spending the last hour unsuccessfully searching for my lost AirPod Pro’s I was wondering if there is a difference in the signal strength of an external AirTag vs what Apple bakes in to the device?
FindMy kept ‘looking for a signal’ but could never connect to guide me to the exact location (just a general vicinity). Still no AirPods…

I don’t think you can get precise location info with the first gen Airpod Pro. Have you tried playing a sound to locate them?

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These are 2nd generation pro’s so they have find my support. It’s showing me a location but nothing there and No signal to direct me to its exact spot

I’ve found it to work about 25% of the time. Once I lost my ear bud (found it the manual way) and it wouldn’t beep even if I put it right on top of the phone.

I’ve given up. Ordering a new pair. Thought about waiting since rumor has it Apple will announce the USB-C charging model but decided it was unimportant. Can’t remember the last time I attached a cable to them.