Airtags wallet holder

I saw that @MacSparky wrote about the Elevation Lab Air tag wallet holder. It looks nice, but I’m curious if anyone uses them not necessarily Elevation Lab (I know they make quality things) but any type of wallet holder and how do you like it? I want to get one just not sure if it’s worth it.

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Personally I think the AirTag is too thick for a man’s wallet (I’m inferring that’s what you meant by “wallet”).

Depends upon how much money you have in there!

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I love Apple devices and when the Airtags came out I bought 8 of them. I use them in my backpack, kids backpack, wifes keys, etc. However I neither use them for my wallet or keys as I like to keeps things really minimal for both. I use both a Bellroy card sleeve and a Bellroy keyholder, neither of which is conducive to an Airtag

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It’s nicely made but it is still as thick as an Airtag so you need a pretty thick wallet. It worked for my wife’s billfold, but not for my wallet. There are some third party wallets that are made for Airtag. I like the look of the nimilist one.

The Chipolo card looks like it may be the best option to for an existing wallet.


I’ve been using a minimalist wallet for years. I had a Tile Slim in there for a year. It fit well, but anytime I leaned against something it started loudly playing its Tile song … always in places I needed to be very quiet.

I ended up buying this holder for the AirTag. It is very thick, made of metal and very heavy. I think it can deflect bullets. There are lighter, 3D printed plastic ones with holes in it, but they don’t seem too sturdy.

I can’t wait for the Chipolo.

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Interesting! I somehow missed that Apple Find My supports 3rd party products…

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Looks like Chipolo is shipping. Just got my tracking number.


I bought the Nimalist wallet based on @MacSparky 's review and the fact I needed something like this as far as the size. I have not received it yet, but there were two things that surprised me in the ordering process. First, the regular price was $80, but a special price was $40. I would never have paid $80, but I am willing to try it for $40. Second, and most surprising, was that they shipped to Thailand for free, including international tracking, which is something I almost never see. Often, the shipping from the US can be more than the product, which can often seem like a scam.

Should come this week and I’ll be interested to see how it works.




Mine was also $40. It took forever to arrive and I’ve been carrying it about a month now. I’ve heard from a few listeners that bought one and said it fell apart on them. So far mine looks like new. I like it so far.

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Has anyone received their Chipolo order yet? I’m tempted by this Nimalist wallet.

On a related note, has anyone bought a carbon fiber anything? What’s it like? And what are the benefits?

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I’ve had my Chipolo card for a few weeks. It’s slightly thinner than 2 credit cards with embossed numbers, and seems to work as advertised. Quite frankly I had forgotten about it until I saw these recent posts. :grinning:.


I’m researching of this will work for me. I generally carry cash for Craigslist&Faceook marketplace purchases, 2 cc’s, drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance in my wallet.

I mostly work from home, but I add an credit card-sized access badge to my wallet when I need to come into the office.

That’s a lot to stuff into a card case or a minimalist wallet, to I probably need to have both. I’ve had problems with minimalist wallets clear id sleeve covering part of my id, so I have to fish it out for things like buying an adult beverage.

ok. Now that you know my jumble of requirements, what would you recommend?

I ended up buying one with an elastic band and attaches via MagSafe to the back of the iPhone. The wallet expanded to hold the Chipolo, 2 credit cards (not everyone takes AmEx), ATM card and drivers’ license. I can take it off easily and put it in a diff pocket and use it as a minimalist wallet.

I used to keep a $20 and one folded up check in my wallet, but it’s been so long since I’ve used either I took those out. The rest of the time it’s ApplePay.

I use a “minimalist wallet” from Tom Bihn and an AirTag in the Elevation Lab Air tag wallet holder fits just fine and I barely notice it’s there.

I have a Bellroy Slim Sleeve and I store my AirTag in the coin sleeve. The wallet looks three months pregnant, but that’s OK.

Lol on the pregnant wallet comment.

I decided to make some compromises to get a slim wallet with attached airtag.

  • The Ridge Wallet with Airtag attachment for 2-3 cards, drivers license, cash(it has a cash strap), and airtag.
  • Car sunvisor pocket for car registration and proof of insurance.
  • Office access badge goes in my laptop backpack. I’m almost never in the office anyway.

I’m still waiting for my new The Ridge wallet to arrive. It’s in my city but not out for delivery yet. in the meantime, my minimalist front pocket wallet is doing everything except the airtag and rfid blocking.

I’m preparing to do another round of searching for collectible items at garage sales and such, so that cash strap will come in handy.

Update: I received the Ridge Wallet transfered my cards and cash to it, The Airtag holder screws into the case and is very secure. The only issue that I’ve encountered is that my folded cash is wider than the wallet, which is more of a cosmetic problem. I’m glad to have RFID protection as I recently started using a tap-to-pay card when Apple Pay isn’t available ( like at the gas pump ).

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Ordered the NIMALIST wallet listed above - “Premium” leather. Normal use, I don’t abuse my stuff. It is falling apart. Two attempts to take advantage of the “life time” warranty with no response. Looks like I’m not alone: SimplyBare Clothes Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Avoid this company.

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It’s hard to know who you can trust. I’ll take a recommendation from most of the regulars on this forum before I’ll trust an online ad. So if you are still in the market for a wallet:

In the last eight or so years I’ve purchased a card case and a wallet from Both are EDC and still in great shape.

It looks like they have a couple of models that could hold an airtag but none made specifically for that purpose.

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Here’s what I replaced it with:

Granted, I’ve only used it for 2 days, but the build quality is head and shoulders above the Nimalast and it’s less than the price, even with the Nimalast on sale.

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