Alarm volume keeps lowering?

So I’m deaf in one ear. As such I need my alarm to be on full volume. Lately the alarm on my iPhone has been half volume. Aside from adjusting it before I go to bed is there a way to fix this? Could it be an accessibility preference? Would appreciate any help and assistance.

My wife is having this problem.

The simplest fix for this would be a full list of "volume"s you could edit, instead of only being able to change one volume at a time depending on the context you are in.

The problem with this is that there are probably a zillion of those different contexts - music listening from internal speaker, music listening from wired headphones, music listening from bluetooth headphone A, B, C… music listening from other bluetooth device, multiply by different sources, podcast, alarm, ringer, alert sounds, with ring switch on and off. I may be overstating the problem, but I think there are others who think iOS only has one volume setting.

You might try turning off the “Attention Aware Features” in the Face ID & Attention preference. When this was enabled all my alarms would play at such a low volume I usually didn’t hear them. I don’t think this effects everyone but there is a long, long thread on Apple’s support forum (which is where I learned turning this off might help). YMMV of course.

If you’re talking about a wake-up alarm, are you using the Bedtime function in the Clock app? If so, there is the ability to change the volume of the alarm — mine was set to halfway (even though when I previously used it, I had set the alarm to “none” since I don’t want any alarm to wake me). I’m not sure when this setting changed on me, but I’ll blame iOS 13. The option to change the volume is buried under the small “Options” button (upper left corner) of the Bedtime screen in Clock.

I don’t see an options button, see this photo of what it says

Could I use a NFC tag to do something when I reach my bedside?

The “Options” button appears in the Bedtime screen. The screenshot you sent is in the Alarm screen; Bedtime is the icon immediately to the right.