Alcohol metering with Apple Watch?

Is is possible to measure the current alcohol level in your blood with the Apple Watch? I read something about blood measurement, but haven’t been able to confirm it.
Anything in the foreseeable future?

Recent Apple Watches can measure blood oxygen levels (but not alcohol or anything else):

There is a band,

that is announced, and in a kind of a Beta-Test, that is supposed to be able to measure that, but I would not rely on this.
Normally you would need a sample of the blood, to get a Blood Alcohol Concentration, and I do not see, how this band will reliable circumnavigate this, as the skin seems to be not a reliable source for a measurement like that.
There are also certain test devices you could couple with your iPhone for the measurement of the level of alcohol within your breathe, but also those are more or less gimmicks, and should not be used to measure the level for any kind of legal reasons!


Are you talking in a ketones/Lumen/Biosense kinda way, or in a breathalyzer/intoxilyzer kinda way? Either way would require a breath sample, I think…

Looks cool, but $99 to join a beta?

A Beta of a device, that could not work in a useful way… :angry:

Seems to me a perfect reason NOT to buy an Apple Watch :wink:

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You can purchase breathalyzers and/or urine test strips online and at many drug stores. AFAIK, the most accurate tests require a blood sample.

I don’t expect to see any of these tests in an Apple Watch.

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It would not be out of the question for Apple to integrate a sensor for breath testing. If a device like this can do it, it may be possible to miniaturise it. Would be quite handy! Whether the whole idea fits with their marketing message is another thing!