Alfred 4 update is out

There’s an app a workflow for that! In fact there are probably hundreds, but this is the first search result I got.

I’m impressed with Alfred!
I didn’t give it a fair shake a few years ago when I looked at it, and thought it’s focus was the remote app.
After watching the screencastsonline for it, I bit the bullet.
It’s easier to use than LaunchBar, somehow. Haven’t quantified that yet.
Thanks for starting this thread and to everyone for gushing about how wonderful it is :slight_smile:


I think that was possible in Alfred 3 as well. There’s a way to customize the fallback searches to include these which is even more convenient! I have a bunch of different documentation websites set up that way.

Alfred is an indispensable part of the daily use of my Macs. I use it at least 20 to 30 times every day.

Although I didn’t see much reason to upgrade from version 3 I did so anyway. I want to support the developer so I also upgraded my Powerpack license.


The beauty about tools like Alfred is that as I use it everyday, inadvertently I will find out new capabilities. For instance, I recently discovered File Buffer - it’s a way to pin files to the top of Alfred search bar and then act on it using File Actions - move, copy or (insert your own workflow here and I’ve been trying to build a Compress Files workflow). And if you didn’t act on the files, they stay pinned above the Search bar and is useful as a reminder or quick launch.


Wow, I had no idea about this. Thanks, I’ll check it out.


Can Alfred seriously be considered as a replacement for TextExpander?

That question was discussed last year here.


I was a rather lightweight text expander user, and when they switched to subscription, I couldn’t justify the cost for my rather rudimentary use. I switched all my expansion to Alfred and don’t miss Text Expander (none of this is a dig on TE, which is a great app, it’s just more than I needed and therefore cost more than I could justify).

Now Alfred doesn’t have some of the more clever Fill-in expansions and whatnot, but it can do basic expansion, dynamic stuff like dates and date math, clipboard stuff (including pulling multiple entries from clipboard history in a specified order – I like this one for auto-formatting markdown links! Copy the URL, copy the word I want to use as the link text, and use my markdown link snippet to do the rest).

I combine some expansions with a workflow to simulate key presses. So I can run an expansion from the subject line on an email, and the workflow will expand the subject line, tab the correct number to tabs to get to the body, and expand the body.

So it’s fairly powerful, definitely serves my needs, but it’s not 1:1 with features and functionality with TE.


I just discovered a new Alfred workflow: Window Switcher — Switch to a specific window of an app in the current Desktop Space. Install from Alfred Gallery here.
Discussion here.

It’s a very fast way to list down all the open windows, by app, and jump straight to it. Very useful to me who has with tons of windows opened. It doesn’t yet list Safari tabs though. I hope the developer can do something on that end.


Thank you. Never noticed this one. Now it’s more and more becoming part of my way of working. Triggered by a simple hotkey. Double tap command in my case.

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This is great - thanks for sharing. It will take me a little while to remember it exists, but I’ll get there.

Mine is Alt Tab - from years of using Windows :slight_smile:

This is awesome, thanks for sharing.

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