Alfred 4 update is out

App is now out.

Two options to upgrade the PowerPack, either £15.00 from v.3 to v.4, or £25.00 for a lifetime upgrade license. (App is free with limited usability, Powerpack unlock for new users is £23, or £39 for lifetime upgrade.)


It’s rock solid. I’ve been in the beta on two Macs, syncing prefs. with Dropbox, on HS and Mojave. No issues at all. You just need to look out for hard-coded refs. to earlier versions in workflow scripts but I fixed 90% of those with a single multi-file search in BBEdit.

I just upgraded … what do I do with Alfred 3 which is still in my system? Is it safe to delete ?

Also, from a user point of view (yes I have power pack), there doesn’t seem to be much improvement.

Wooot!! :astonished:

Had zero knowledge of this – a no-brainer of a purchase!
But would also love to hear some feedback on those in the loop – what are the major differences in V4?

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I wasn’t sure if the improvements justified a purchase*, but then checked and found I have a lifetime license anyway :slight_smile:

I quite like Alfred, but I have never really gotten that much out of it. I’ve just started getting more from Keyboard Maestro, so once I’m done there I guess I’ll dig in more with Alfred.

*The cost to upgrade seems perfectly reasonable to me, there’s obviously been a significant amount of work; it was more that I would probably have been ok with version 3 for a while still.


I too was pleasantly surprised to find I was a lifetime supporter! :sunglasses:
But I added something to the tip jar, regardless!

Don’t have too much time on my hands to explore things now – but sure that the forums will soon have more than enough food-for-thought on what is new!

Alfred is my starting point for everything - launching apps, calling up the clipboard to look through my past copy, looking for files, etc. And there is this nice workflow which let me launch Keyboard Maestro macro from Alfred.


Thanks for the heads up. Have just done my upgrade payment :grinning:

Alfred has become indispensable for me. I have cancelled TextExpander and just use Alfred now for text. The clipboard viewer is also something I use many times each day.

It looks like the new version has lots of focus on the workflows and I am sure that I could get even more use out of it by getting more into this aspect. Note to self to explore this more! :+1:


I’m not a super user but these are some of the useful Alfred workflows that I cannot live without:

  • Alfred Maestro - to launch Keyboard Maestro macro from Alfred
  • Emoji Search - just type emo smile and then press Enter to paste the emoji into your text. Sure, there’s Rocket app to do this but there’s one less app to install.
  • Spotify Mini Player - this is a REALLY powerful workflow to control Spotify from within Alfred search bar
  • Cardhop workflow - view contact in Cardhop, take actions such as copy phone number, dial, etc
  • Things 3 - interact with Things via Alfred

Going to try v4. Free upgrade for me.

But it will be hard to convince me from switching over from LaunchBar.

Seems like most of the changes are behind the scenes. At least I can’t find a list of new functionality, and a cursory view of the settings shows nothing new that I can see.
Doesn’t matter, lifetime license :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was about to post that, and add that I think it’s a shame that the leading feature is being able to search the preferences, and then a better preferences screen.

Scroll down a bit and it looks a more interesting, but that was not a good first impression. So, I’m intrigued but feel it’s going to people on this Discourse who ‘sell’ it to me!

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Well it’s actually a huge improvement for building workflows and adding snippets on the fly, speeding up access and navigation. Along with the improved debugger.

I was combing through the what’s new and found another thing I might like - the Custom URL Search, so I could just type “mpu Alfred” and will be able to search in MPU Discourse forum for the keyword Alfred… very nice!!!


Good overview from 9to5Mac:

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Alfred 4 is also FAST FAST FAST! I’ve used Alfred since 1.0, and each version gets faster and faster. I remember when 3.0 was launched and how almost-instantaneous it felt. Alfred 4 is even faster than that, which is honestly a bit of a surprise.

I was a Mega Supporter so this update came free for me, but I still upgraded to a legendary license because Alfred is perhaps one of the most consistently valuable and useful applications I’ve ever used. (I’ve used lots of other very valuable and useful applications but few have been as consistently critical to my computing as Alfred).


I have to say that ?query to search preferences is a really nice update. I get in there often enough that it’s saving me time. Very much a power user thing, so I agree it shouldn’t have been the top item on their updates page.


I think the real upgrade here is the workflow changes. It’s now far easier to create complicated workflows without having to write a script, which means more people can automate easier.

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New Alfred user here.

Is it possible to search terms in the