Alfred 5 Early Access now available


I’m really excited about this.

Question - what is the best way to trigger a Siri shortcut in Alfred? Just typing the name of it isn’t giving me any results.

thanks, is there a quick and dirty summary of what’s new in Ver 5 compares to Ver 4? I can see the change log in the EA release but it is too detailed for me

I’m trying to work that out as well. At first glance, I can’t see what’s new aside from the new workflow editor. A new workflow gallery is coming soon but won’t be part of the initial release. I’m a little underwhelmed. I was hoping for more and, given the competition from Raycast, a visual refresh or more Powerpack features. Maybe more will be announced?

What are your thoughts so far?

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Take a look at Automations. I think there is huge potential with those.


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I don’t understand Automations. All examples are invoked manually?

Automations are like small self-contained programs that you can include in an Alfred worklfow. In other words, they carry out tasks that you don’t need to program yourself. The article to which I linked in my previous post explains how they can be used and, indeed, linked together.

If you are currently using Alfred 5 pre-release you can download the Early Access Automation Task worklfow which will demonstrate how the tasks work.

Maybe two screenshots will help. These are the current categories of Automation tasks (which will doubtless expand as Alfred 5 is developed):

Automation tasks

Here I’ve opened the Files and Folders category to show some, but not all, of the tasks in that category.

Flies and Folders tasks


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I looove Alfred and have been using it for years, but lately kinda think that is stealing the show. The way extensions are handled is much nicer than in Alfred and usage feels more intiuitve

Gonna give Alfred 5 and automations a go to see if I can replace KM with it (doubt it), but I am longing for a bit more new in major releases like this one (still no easier way to get workflows?). But then again, there are probably people that prefer just that - something that works exactly like what they’re used to

Raycast looks interesting, but I still am quite happy with Alfred. I like Alfred’s business model: not “free” for personal use, but reasonably priced and although I have bought the Powerpack years ago, I am more than happy to pay for updates like v5 although I do not have to. I love the new workflow editor, it reminds me of Audio Hijack Pro. :wink: Alfred apparently is a sustainable app with a big and vivid community, a well-known small developer and it works just great, syncs across my Macs, no asterisks attached. That is how I like it. And yes, I am happy that Alfred is working exactly like it has before. That’s essential for me, too. :slight_smile:

And no, Alfred is no replacement for Keyboard Maestro. There are areas where those apps overlap, but there are many where they don’t. I use both.

It is good that there are choices out there and it will be interesting to see what direction Raycast will take with their business model and of course with the app itself.


Even though I don’t use their Automation, I threw them an additional GBP10 during the upgrade for all the years I’ve been using Alfred. They changed my Mega Supporter name to Legendary Supporter :slight_smile: That’s so nice of them.