Alfred Universal Actions. Share your workflows/usage

Hi MPUers, so Alfred’s Universal Actions feature has been out for the last few months. How have y’all been using it? Share your workflows

For me:

  1. I use it to open save snippet, without having to go into Alfred preferences
  2. I use it to perform text operations, like uppercase, lower case, json format, remove special chars, etc.
  3. Search things in a non-default browser
  4. Open file/folder with specific apps like VS Code etc
  5. Copying file paths or opening terminal in specific directory
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I download a PDF every morning and email it to my 93-year-old Dad. Alfred’s UAs cut out all the mousing around that I’d otherwise have to do.


Here’s one I’ve wanted for a long time.
It removes all the cruft from Amazon URLs.
Click in the address bar, invoke Alfred Universal Actions, select “Shorten Amazon Link” and the shortened URL is placed on the clipboard, ready to be pasted into an MPU post :slightly_smiling_face:

My GitHub repo

This notebook link:
nlwdGVkSWQ9 blah blah blah 10cnVl&th=1

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You could add a bonus to that by replacing the www. with smile. to automate charity donations too!

I really need to dig deeper into these universal actions, I’ve been playing with them but something tells me that it’s time for to jump in!


Great idea!
v0.1.2 now available :slight_smile:

I looked at PopClip to do the same, but it was too complex for my time available.

Well, for anyone that does want that as a PopClip extension, I wrote one! (It modifies the selected text in an editable field).

I’ve been creating a lot of Alfred Workflows this week, as well as revamping my Keyboard Maestro setup. Time for some fun this weekend I think :nerd_face:


You also use ClearURLs extension. It does it automatically for all URLs!

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Is there an action available to open in a specific app without having to go into the Open in… submenu first?

Yes! You can create whatever you want. Here: Universal Actions. Like I have a few, open in chrome, safari, brave, firefox, vs code, sublime, terminal, vlc etc.

I assume you have a Alfred workflow that adds those actions? Because I see “Open with” in Alfred but none for specific apps.

With the “Open With” (in-built) Alfred universal action, it shows the common apps that mac os would show to open that type of file.

I’ve created a few of them myself to suit my needs or modified some existing ones. Here’s one that I use: GitHub - klementtan/alfred-vscode: Alfred Workflow to open file/dir in VS Code. There are a ton of them out there. I prefer creating them, so I can modify them and know what they do internally.

Hope this helps!

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Ah, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

I use Service Station for adding to the right-click menu.

I pretty much want iTerm and Textmate available everywhere. As shown, right-clicking on the desktop they appear everywhere. For images, I add Acorn, etc.

Nice. Replacing popclip be great… hopefully there’s a UA to add “,),] brackets to text soon

This is the first thing that I did with Universal Actions. I write a lot documents that need different kinds of brackets around things {}, (), etc. as well as common markdown and html tags like xxx, Xxx, and the markdown equivalents. I have been using PopClip for this for a long time, so the first thing I did with Universal Actions is try to replace PopClip for those things. They were trivial workflows in Alfred (and believe me, I am not an Alfred workflow expert).

Great. Did you post workflow on Alfred forum? Haven’t been there for a while now

I didn’t – it really is trivial. But i have attached a picture of one of them as a prototype.


Great, will implement :+1: