Alfred users... anyone observing problems with certain apps not being found?

I am having problems with Alfred search not seeing certain apps. Seems the problem is with apps that are stored within folders within the Applications folder. Began either with Alfred 4 or Big Sur upgrade. Not sure which

You can see discussion thread on the Alfred Forums here

Curious to know if anyone else is observing a similar problem. – jay


Same problem on my Mac.

working fine here on OSX 11.0.1 and Alfred 4.2.1. For what it’s worth (and I have never touched this) here aer my settings for Default Results:

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I want to close the loop in case anyone else stumbles on this thread.

The guidance provided in the linked Alfred Forums thread resolved the issue (rebuilding macOS metadata, delete spotlight, reindex) for me.


I just tested 3 apps in folders. Alfred found them just fine.

I had this happen recently, certain “well worn grooves” of apps or processes that I used seemed to disappear overnight. Ultimately I ended up removing the app and reloading it and that seems to have squashed the issue (n = 1 and all that, to be fair)

After recently switching to a new Mac using Migration Assistant, I have noticed Alfred not locating apps that I have not yet launched on the new machine. If they are also App Store apps, updates are not showing on the Updates page and show a download icon on the app’s page. If I launch the app, the icon in the App Store switches to “Update” and Alfred will show the app.