Alfred Workflows to log to Obsidian or Apple Notes daily note

A couple of workflows to make logging useful info from selection or clipboard to Obsidian or Apple Notes daily note. I’m still debating which tool to use so made one for each using common hotkeys/commands so I only enable one or the other workflow while I’m trying things out.

Both will take either the current text selection or clipboard contents and log to the daily note with or without a timestamp and will create the note if it doesn’t already exist.

Hope they are useful for someone.

Also another workflow in there to call BOOP to run scripts against currently selected text.


All I have to say re my Apple Notes Notesy workflow using shortcuts is, why can’t I create a folder using the Create Note With action and a variable for the in param? :frowning:
Have set the shortcuts to ask for the folder on setup now instead. Booo. :slight_smile:
Will I have to look at AppleScript instead?