All in one charging cable for Apple devices

Hi MPUers, I was recently traveling and found myself with so many cables which I found difficult to manage. I just carried my Macbook charger since I wanted to travel light and it could power everything (wattage wise), but that’s just too many cables.

Is there an all in one cable that takes power via USB C and has output ports as:

  • Lightning port - charge iPhone and Airpods Pro
  • USB C - charge iPad (or even Mac - optional)
  • Apple Watch magnetic charger
  • USB A - charge some other devices
  • Micro USB - charge power bank (optional)

The closest I found was this, but it doesn’t have apple watch charger. Or this which only has 2 output ports.

Can you please help me with any suggestions for this type of cable or your solutions to this? My goal is to carry one charging brick, 1 cable, and 1 power bank

I think you’re really stretching there. Plus, won’t there be a time when you need to charge more than one item at a time?

I carry a charge pack of an Anker 5 port USB Charge station and various cables so everything can be charged every night, therefore I don’t have to worry about it. It doesn’t take up much space and reduces my need to actively think about charging things.

Noting that the linked cable has 4 ends for multiple devices.

I really don’t think you’ll find an integrated watch charger, as it seems to be special. All the charging mats, etc. that I’ve seen have a place to add the watch charger puck. The Medusa cable you linked looks ideal to me.


If you’re willing to compromise and get this one in addition to a separate Apple Watch charger, I don’t think it can get more compact than this Anker one (Amazon link, non-affiliate):

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Agreed, but everything will charge more slowly, probably much more slowly.

You could pair this with this and the USB A port on the device you found.

I’ve never tried this … so …

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What about a Battery pack with a built in Watch charger alongside the relevant cable. It would mean you could charge your watch and other things on the go.

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It’s about time when the EU will say all cables have to be USB-C. Even Apple Watch too as a politician will feel the frustration and make it a law pushing everything should follow 1 standard.
This is just sarcasm for fun.

The tricky bit is that all USB-C cables are not the same nor do they have the same capabilities.

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Well the power block can differ but for most charging purpose the cables can be swapped. Except for may be MacBook Pro

Which battery pack allows this? I am definitely looking for a battery pack that can eliminate me carrying a few cables?

Why would they charge slowly? MacBook brick is like 90W, Anker 5 port chargers are like 60W max. Plus that won’t be enough to charge my MBP 15

A single cable is bad for redundancy. One cable flakes out, nothing can be charged.

I suspect your real issue is the same as mine - a rat’s nest of wires that takes up a ton of space.

I bought 6” cables, so I could carry different varieties without the bulk. Plus 6” cables have to flex much less, so theoretically they’re more durable. If you don’t have a charging solution that can be close to your device (I almost always charge devices from a power bank), a single multi-port wall adapter with a power cord would get you the power close enough to employ your short cables.

I keep this one in my backpack and it is super handy. Takes up no room and is super easy to plug into my MacBook and drop my watch on it, where I also less likely to forgot to put it back on for hours.

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From the looks of it, this one seems to have a better build quality than the Anker one. These portable chargers are very tempting for those with a highly mobile lifestyle, I’m looking forward to receiving the Anker one I ordered just before posting in this thread!

How to tell whether a USB-C cable can carry high-wattage power and Thunderbolt 3 data

Most Powerbank that goes up to 10,000mAh can input/output with a USB-C. I suggest a powerbank that has USB-C to eliminate the need for a micro-USB cable.

The UGreen 4 port charger can output up to 100W for USB-C as long as you are using a single port. 100W USB C Desktop Charger – UGREEN

it’s from 2019, but gives you an idea

because you’ll be splitting the power over multiple devices with no management. an Anker charge station intelligently manages the power.