All in with Google Software/Services?

Hey y’all! So I have recently accepted a position as a paraprofessional and IT Admin at my local elementary school. We have ~150 kids (Pre K-8th) and about ~30 staff members. The kids use Google Chromebooks extensively starting in 3rd grade. We are a Google school. Most of our staff however is on Windows machines.

While most of our work is done in the G suite of apps I use iOS devices personally and a Windows machine at my workstation. I have very little experience networking and it seems Google has great documentation for managing a Google school.

I use Files app and iA writer to create txt files on iCloud. I have been trying to simplify my processes and app usage.

Has anyone here gone all in with Google software/services for personal and work everything. Like storing files (personal, important and work) and notes, tasks. I have considered doing that, because I have a personal and work account. Any one have any tips or ideas or recommendations on processes?

Side question has anyone made a knowledge base using Google Docs even though it doesn’t have much of a folder system?

Thanks and sorry for long post!

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I’ve seen corporate knowledge bases in Google Drive. You might find this question’s answers to offer a good overview.

FYI these are excellent blogs by the same person, focused on Google solutions for edu:

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Thank you!

I just can’t seem to pinpoint a starting point for my networking/system admin knowledge base :sweat_smile: I was hoping someone could point me to a non-proprietary apps to use for my processes

Google docs are kind of like the keynote folder on iOS, it’s just a bucket of the same type of files. Organization happens in google drive. Take advantage of searching in, it is google after all.

If you’re stepping into the education world of Google, take the Google Certification for Education level 1 (there are two levels and then a trainer level). It will help give you a Great understanding of Google in the education world, and I think they’re training is top notch.

If you have any other questions, let me know, I am a Google Certified Trainer for Education.

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Awesome, thanks for the advice! Do you personally use google for your file storage and also for work storage?

I don’t like having everything spread out over multiple apps!

Great Feedback. I have a question you may be able to help me with.

I am a teacher … I have all my files in google drive … I find it’s the best way to share with Ss and collaborate with other teachers - I used to be a Dropbox person, and I was always looking for ways to keep them in sync as I wanted my own copies of my lessons and Files in my own system and not the system owned by my school, but I’m sick of the extra overhead - what I did was make my own personal G suite acct with my own domain and I “share” the folder that contains all my personal lessons and files with this acct. now I have 2 google drive acts 1 school and 1 my own and they are in perfect sync because both accts are editors … is this the best way? Is there another way ?

(I do have the boot and suspenders approach currently going where i use cloud HQ and sync my Google drive to a folder in my dropbox and that’s to keep a back up. But I ultimately want to drop Dropbox)

I would say that I am 75% Google and 25% iCloud Drive. I used to have Dropbox but I been converted our church team to Drive.

I actually have a few Google accounts for various areas of my life, which is made easy in the browser just by switching accounts. And those areas are very separate like School, church, and personal.

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It’s the way that I personally set it up as well. I was very similar, Dropbox for somethings, iCloud for another, etc. and I just wanted something familiar and easy to share between.

The only problem I may foresee is the owner of the item may dictate what happens to it in the end. If you leave and your school account is the originator and owner of the data, it may lock it down. I’ll make a not to check that.

Another quick question, which hardware do you use? (IE: iPhone, ipad, etc.) Also do you use web apps on those devices or the native apps?

Ok, doing some looking around this morning, it seems like if the owner of the original source material is the school account, they can lock it down if you leave, which means you may lose access to those files. It seems the best way to combat that is to create a copy of the data you want every so often and then store that as it will give you ownership of the copy. You can also transfer ownership of documents(done in the sharing settings). This will then make it the data of the owner and not the organization.

I have all of them. I use the apps on my phone because usually I am just looking at stuff and not editing. For my iPad I, I use the Drive and Document apps most of the time, and the rest I use in the Chrome browser, it just seems to work better that way. For my computer, I sync my personal Google Drive account, and the rest I access via the web.

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Awesome. Thanks for looking

For Simplicity I keep “My Teaching Materials” in a Root folder in my schools drive and I Share that folder with my own G Suite Acct. This works best and is dead simple - No need to sync - the files/folders just appear in both drives and I am the editor of all files. What’s even better, thanks to you, I just checked, and I can transfer ownership from the Schools Acct to My Acct at this Folder Level… so 1 click and I have it in my G Suite!

I will leave it as is now, as I back up via CloudHQ to one drive, but its good to know that if I ever leave its just one click.


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