All my calender events are gone!

Well, that‘s basically it: I had a look on my calender this morning and everything was fine. I didn‘t do anything icloud or calender related, I just drove to work. Now, when I open calendar, all but very few events are gone. I checked and all calendars are set to be shown (there are a few that cumulated over the years).
I restarted the phone. I set sync off and on again in settings. Didn‘t help. I cannot check if it is the same on my iMac right now.
But: The events are still there (thank god) when I log into iCloud via Safari.
It‘s the same on different calender apps on the phone.
What can I do?

(By the way: using the icloud webpage on an iPhone is close to impossible, which is ricdiculous.)

Delete the app then download it again.

If as you say the canonical iCloud data remains accurate your app’s database probably might have gotten corrupted.

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I would suggest to log out of iCloud on the iPhone and then back in again. When you are being asked if you want to have the data on your iPhone replaced with the iCloud data: yes. You should be fine then?!

Stuff like that is scary. Which leads me to a question: has anybody a concept how to backup iCloud data like calendars and contacts?

@bowline’s suggestion is also a really good option:

When you remove a built-in app from your Home screen, you also remove any related user data and configuration files.

I was not aware of that before. I thought that the removal only removes the icon. I have learned something new again, I guess.

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That‘s so strange: I deleted the app, as you said, reinstalled it and now one (!) of todays events is back, the rest isn‘t. There are a few more in the upcoming days, but 80% of them aren‘t.
One event that I added via the browser today is there.
It is the same in the native calendar app (which I deleted) and my other calendar (miCal), which I didn’t delete. (I‘ll try that next)

Now I got it! Deleting didn’t help. But when I turned icloud syncing off the first time, I ticked „keep local data“. Now I turned it off again but said „delete local data“. After turning it on again, everything is there again.
But stuff like this is annoying and I‘m lucky I didn’t have a very busy day today.
Thanks for your help!

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Glad it worked out for you. I hate turning off/on iCloud because I’ve had other resultant issues in other cases (when doing it with Messages, for instance), so I hoping that app deletion would fix it. Good to hear all is well again for you!

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