Allowing more notifications in iOS 12

For the past few years I’ve been pretty stingy with the notifications on my iOS devices. Only a few apps are allowed the privledge of shoving their content in my face. No email notifications except VIPs, etc.

However, the new notification options in iOS 12 have me considering allowing more notifications. The “deliver quietly” option, better tools for managing notifications once they reach the lock screen and Notification Center, and most importantly, the ability to easily demote an app back to “no notification jail” if it annoys me may make me a bit more willing to let apps notify me.

Anyone else considering allowing more notifications now?

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I would say I have a different approach. I as well prefer less notifications, especially having a watch, notifications become more intrusive. But in general I allow notifications till it become annoying enough to turn it off. So, giving me options to easily turn off an app is something I always wished for.

Screen time is actually pushing me the other way, being able to put a number on the notifications really made me look at how many I actually was letting though, but after awhile I could see myself letting more through after awhile.

I would like to use notifications in order to open (and get lost) in the apps less often. This is especially true for facebook. I don’t use the bad facebook-app but Friendly instead. I like the app, but notifications don’t seem to arrive reliably. So my plan didn’t work out yet. Anybody know another good replacement for the facebook app?

I’m very strict with notifications and plan to keep it that way. Find it great to have the option to manage notifications on the spot for those where I initially thought “yep, I want to see their notifications” to only be proven that I shouldn’t have trusted the developer.

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I liked Paper but they got rid of it