Alternate Pencil tips?

Hi! I want to handwrite more with the Apple Pencil, but it always feels a little too slippery for me with the pencil on the glas. I know about Paperlike and similar products, but I don’t really want to change the feel of the display when using my fingers. Has anybody tried those alternate rubber or silicone tips that are supposed to give a little more friction? Do they work?

I tried them for about 4 months but found they wore through quickly and still did not genuinely like drawing or writing on paper, just different to the default feel.

I decided to accept that the Apple Pencil on an iPad screen is its own thing and adapt the way I draw and write to the tool, not trying to adapt the tool to my habits.


You might try wrapping the tip of the Pencil in tape. It’s kind of like adding the paper feel to the Pencil and not the screen.