Alternative Mail apps for iPad and iPhone?

I want to start using different email apps for work and home, and will probably stick with for home, which leaves me looking for a new iOS mail app.

I definitely want something that supports the iPad and not just the iPhone.

Anyone have favorites?

I’m doing something similar, but coming from the opposite direction. I use the Mail app for my work email (IT won’t allow the use of 3rd party clients). For my personal email, I use Spark. It works well on both iPhone and iPad.

This is my setup due to the fact that 3rd party apps don’t like my works email server.

I like how spark determines which notifications to give me.

I tried this with Spark and Airmail rather than, but have currently settled on Spark for both. I use the smart inbox, but have set it to show work and home emails separately rather than grouped and I like how this works.

Airmail has better automation options, but Spark is also pretty good.

I’ve been through most of them and I finally settled on Airmail 3. I work with 7 accounts and it’s the closest I’ve used to having everything I want. Is has Mac and iOS and the integration is good. There are a few things that don’t sync between the OSs, but I suspect that’s more of an Apple problem than Airmail’s.

Just a caution to check with work policies regarding security. Many third party mail apps store account credentials on their servers so they can provide features/services beyond IMAP/SMTP such as instant notifications, snoozing, reminders, delayed sending, etc.

Used to love Airmail but really too buggy and unstable. Have settled on Spark which is really the best in my opinion at the moment, features and stability.