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Hi Hive Mind,

So I work with a charity, and the Annual General Meeting is coming up.

Normally we do these in person, and usually unaided by slides.

This year, due to the ongoing pandemic we are unable to do this in person so we are holding the meeting online. We are looking for a way to give a engaging presentation within the online meeting, and I just can’t find any inspiration in PPT or Keynote!

I am sure I have heard of other solutions beyond those two (and google slides o/c) that offer alternative options to displaying the presentation but I can not remember their names.



Perhaps Prezi?

Thinking of ways to enliven presentations, aside from Keynote…

Both Zoom and Google have polls.

Zoom has that ability to allow shared screen annotation.

If you’re using Google I know they have (well, I know Google Clasroom has) ‘Ask a Question’ in which the speaker gives a generated email address, audience members can send questions, and the presenter can see the questions in real time and decide if, what and when to answer.

Curio has a presentation mode.


LibreOffice has a presentation mode similar to powerpoint that I’ve used.

Have you thought outside the slide deck?

The screen share feature of Zoom unlocks all sorts of possibilities. You can share pretty much any app, videos, audio, a second camera to show documents or physical objects. You can share your phone or iPad screen, so that opens up anything you can display on those devices, including their cameras.

Since you can share your browser, that opens up the web. Depending on your audience and what you are presenting, Kahoot is great for adding energy and interaction. It’s technically a learning platform, but you can make quizzes and polls to enhance your presentation. Kahoot livens things up with colors, sounds, timers, and competitive scoring.

As a speaker and instructor myself, I’ve had better results sticking with Keynote and introducing other elements to enhance the presentation. I know this wasn’t your question, but maybe it helps you :slight_smile:


I’d concur with this. I use Duet to run my iPad as a second monitor so I can view my presentation notes in Keynote while sharing in Zoom, but switch to various apps and sites mid-presentation.

I have been a CTO for a large industrial company and had to speak for good size audiences on trade shows, seminars etc. Tools help in keeping an audience engaged but often distract. It is your story and how you bring it that keeps them engaged. I think this is true even more so when speaking remote and you can’t easily feel the vibe of the room.

Have a look at “slide:ology:” and “Resonate” two books by Nancy Duarte.


Thank you all so much for the ideas, I’ll try them all out and see witch fits for us best!


@nbargate I have been using this software on my iPad then Mac. It is really mind-blowing. You can embed videos in it, link into Notion, Collaborate.

Watch this video on the software IMHO it is a game-changer and fun to use as well. I have creating content on the iPad with the Apple pencil

Miro Demo

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Perhaps it is beyond the scope of what you’re looking for, but I just streamed an online presentation to YouTube and Facebook using OBS Studio, which is a free, open source broadcasting application. It lets you cut to different views, called “scenes.” These scenes can include different sources, such camera angles, apps or windows on your Mac, media sources, browser sources, images such as overlays, or any combination of them on the screen at the same time. You can add overlays or different effects to these scenes, and transition between them. It makes for a more slick presentation, and I didn’t find the learning curve to be too bad after watching a few YouTube videos.

Even if you couldn’t stream directly from OBS to whatever system the meeting is using, I believe there is a “virtual camera” plugin which lets you pipe the OBS output into other systems, such as into Skype, Streamyard, or any app where the virtual camera isn’t blocked (the latest Zoom update, for example, no longer supports virtual cameras without a hack).

I used Keynote along with OBS for my presentation. Keynote wants to take over all screens, so I ended up using Keynote on my iPad, and AirPlayed that to a second monitor using an app called Reflector which turns your Mac into an AirPlay receiver.

My journey down the OBS rabbit hole started with a simple desire to briefly have myself on the screen, with overlays, etc., at the very start and finish of the presentation. It turned out to be lots of fun.

And I’ll second the above comment about livening things up. My Keynote contained almost no words, but instead used animations and images, etc. that flowed along with me as I was talking. David Sparks has a very good Presentations Field Guide which discusses things like this.

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Good news! Zoom announced in today’s webinar that support for virtual cameras is returning on May 24.