Alternative to Apple Music / iTunes app?

I am looking for an alternative to Apple Music App formally known as iTunes the gateway drug into Apple computers…

Not talking about steaming services but just a Music player that is easy to navigate and manage a large selection of Music that I own and locally store.

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No suggestions but what devices do you want to be able to play it on? Mac, iPad, iPhone, HomePod? Maybe Plex.

Organize and play from Mac.
Matching app for iOS would be a bonus.

I use Swinsian on macOS for playing my local library, it’s a beautiful app but unfortunately still doesn’t have native dark mode.

I also sync my local files with Plex via a mounted Google Drive on my remote server and use the iOS PlexAmp app to listen when away from my laptop. Works like a breeze.

edit: I also use to manage tagging and metadata and can’t recommend it enough.


I think it greatly depends on the features you are looking for. But VLC remains a solid choice IMO.

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Swinsian gets my vote as well. Just works. It accepts the media keys as well but you have to open it and start a song playing first before it’ll work with them, otherwise iTunes/Music opens.

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Thanks, I will check it out.

At the end all I want is the old iTunes back😢

I use Plex which (with the use of the Plex Pass) has the additional benefit of being about to play your music on your Mac on your phone or ipad from anywhere in the world.

This is a great!
Much like the old iTunes :slight_smile:

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Vox, Audirvana and Plex are all solid options … Plex also has a good iOS app called Plexamp

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If you don’t care about syncing with iOS then Swinsian. Otherwise there is nothing else for Mac that is as good as Apple Music for managing a large library. Yes, i tried Plex but I need strong playlist management and iOS syncing.

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I love Apple :green_apple: Music! I did use Spotify for a while but it pales in comparison.