Alternative to Clean my mac, or do I need it at all?

Hey guys.
How much does everyone use Clean my Mac X, and while I know it’s not essential, how high up do you rate it on the useful app list.

I like it a lot, and feel like it helps me identify things that can get cleaned out. But Im coming up for setapp renewal (another topic I suppose) and am not going to keep Setapp.

I have found alternatives for everything else ‘essential-to-me’ on Setapp (Ulysses swapped for Bear, Dropzone is just $10, other little utilities I had already bought in the past), so its just down to Clean my Mac. Do I need it?

Appreciate your thoughts.

When I quit SetApp I decided to buy it as a one-time purchase because I find is really useful. Especially to monitor my Mac and free up RAM before doing anything that is resource intensive. It also detects Malware on my system occasionally and I like the tools for checking disk usage.

I’ve used it for years and it’s always been reliable.


It was pointed out to me that freeing up memory is the sort of thing that can be done for free using built-in command line tools:

And @bowline pointed out that there’s a tool called Memory Diag that does it from the GUI, again, free:

Worth considering if that’s the only reason for keeping CleanMyMac around. :slight_smile:

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I use much more than just this. I find it a really good tool for all Mac maintenance tasks, without it I’d probably need to find 10 or so programs at least and I prefer to use this as I trust it. I prefer to have one good tool that does all my maintenance rather than lots of workarounds and separate programs.

I did consider this before purchasing.

Do these utilities that “free up RAM” actually do anything that macOS doesn’t already do for memory management?

This was discussed recently in this thread: Mulling cancelling SetApp. Is CleanMyMac worth it?

Ah, sorry I missed this thread. Useful discussion.