Alternative to Day One for archiving social media posts?

I’m not one to journal much, despite many times trying, but I do use IFTT with Day One to automatically archive all my tweets and tweets I like. With Diarly available as part of Setapp, I’m thinking about transitioning to it to save the subscription cost, but need a new way to archive social media. Any thoughts?

I found some IFTTT recipes to back up tweets to Google Sheets, but it doesn’t support images in the backup.

Thanks for any help!

A couple of thoughts. There is an iOS only app called Momento that automatically pulls in social feeds - in fact the whole app is designed for people who journal only using social media. I noticed on the latest update of Diarly there is an import option for Momento.

There is also another app called Dairium . It is cross platform and cross OS, but looks like it! That app also imports a whole lot of social feeds. Cheap as chips at nine quid with no subs.

Both of those look very promising. Thanks, Nick.