Alternative to ElevationLab DraftTable?

I just got an iPad Air 4 and was looking into getting a low angle support for desktop use alongside my iMac.

The DraftTable seems like the best bet as far as build and stability goes, but it seems to be sold out absolutely everywhere including on ElevationLab’s own site.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative that’s stable when being used with the pen and doesn’t slide around? Ideally also available in Europe.


My personal favorite :grinning:


Twelvesouth HoverBar Duo Pro

I was going to get a Hoverbar Duo, but initial reports I have heard say it’s a bit wobbly. Better for reading. The Draft Table has that going for it, it’s rock solid.

Sorry to say I don’t think there is a suitable substitute for it.

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I think I’ll end up doing something similar. I’ve been looking at the Logitech folio touch which has a drawing mode/position and also gets me a keyboard when needed.

I would suggest this one from Amazon. I’ve got it and it is rock solid. Very heavy and can be angled all the way down or up very high if needed. Hinges are very tight, strong which make it great for this sort of thing.

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That looks interesting, thanks! It’s nearly twice the price on for some reason though.

I just got the HoverBar Duo Pro. It’s fine, and I need to use it a bit more, but I am kind of disappointed in it.

  • Much of it is plastic. It solid enough, but it isn’t anything fancy.
  • The iPad is difficult to get in and out.
  • The swivel attachment’s tightening knob is too small and difficult to get to being right-handed. (Edit: you can turn it around)
  • You can’t go too crazy with extending it or it will tip.
  • You can put the clamp-foot on, but it requires tools, so you can’t quickly switch it out.
  • It’s also only good for looking at, you will not want to type on it when it’s attached.
  • It’s difficult to position where you want it while ensuring it won’t fall over.

It’s fine, it will do what it needs to do, but I am not sure I would recommend it. I would like a metal one with nice big controls to move it. Kind of like you see on a $20 arm lamp.