Alternative to iOS Fitness app?

Hi MPUers, is there an app that can read and then visualize the Fitness app info for analysis/stats. The default app isn’t good enough to show week over week or month over month stats and similar other stats for analysis.

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There are many such apps. I don’t pay much attention these days, but I can see FitMetrics in my purchase history, which looks like the right sort of app. I’m sure I had another one but its name clearly doesn’t contain “fit” or “activity” or “health” so I’m not finding it.

Edit: see also Fitness Totals.

Josh Centers at TidBITS did a nice piece about Fitness app alternatives (How I Finally Embraced the Apple Watch as a Fitness Tracker). His focus is on using the Apple Watch, but I learned a few things about Fitness app alternatives for the iPhone as well.

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Have a look at Workouts++ and MyTrends++ both from the same dev. They might help with the analysis. No sub

One that works with the iPad would be nice - the Fitness app doesn’t!!

Most seem to be tied to the Watch, which doesn’t pair with the iPad

A friend just showed me this

After reading this post I tried installing one of my suggestions on my iPad, even though it was marked as iPhone only. Upon launch it said something which was obvious in hindsight… “This device does not support Apple Health. Try running it on an iPhone.” Apple’s own Health and Fitness apps are not available on iPad either. I wish they were because the bigger canvas would be so much better for viewing the data.


I would have thought it should:

Watch — Phone — iCloud — iPad

Maybe it should, but it doesn’t. Apple doesn’t support transfer of health/activity data to iPad or Mac.

I put in a feature request for some kind of data transfer, for analysis, way back in the early days of the Watch in 2015. Still waiting.