Alternative to OmniPlan

I am looking for an OmniPlan alternative. I need a project planning app, but 80 quid’s just a bit too steep for me. Not looking for any special features or team functionality. Just a functional project planning app that’s more graphically oriented, rather than just a list, works on an iPad and preferably on Mac as well.


Have you looked at Aeon Timeline? There has been a thread or two on it here. (Bonus: if you’re a SetApp owner it’s part of SetApp.)

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Are you looking just for ways to produce pretty Gantt charts, or do critical path, progress measurement, baselining, Earned Value, and other cost and schedule computations that project cost and schedule engineers do?

Thank you, that looks great.

Probably just the Gantt charts. This is just my own project and it definitely isn’t anything complicated.

Aeon, Excel, PowerPoint, … pretty much anything.

I’ve used QuickPlan in the past on iOS and liked it. Not sure whether there’s a mac version though

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QuickPlan new to my radar. Looks interesting. I might play.

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SheetPlanner is another possibility, though at $49.99 I think it’s not a good price point. SheetPlanner is what I would call a hybrid-traditional app. Has the Gantt chart most planners have, with additional features. Also supports custom metadata.


SheetPlanner is included in Setapp.

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InShort is another alternative. I haven’t used it. $38.99 in the Mac App Store.

Thanks to all. i am glad that there are so many alternatives.