Alternative to SpamSieve: Server-side spam filtering

Hello everyone!

I’ve started receiving a surprisingly large number of spam emails suddenly, coincidentally the day I installed SpamSieve on my Mac.

I love SpamSieve, but it also means I need to keep my Mac running.

I’m looking for an online solution so I don’t have to keep running my Mac all the time and the solution works when we, the less privileged, work on our work PC’s and work Android phones.

SaneBox is expensive, A Mac Mini Home Server will cost a bomb too.

Are there any online solutions that are reasonable? Brownie points if it can work with gmail, outlook, custom domain, icloud, etc.


I went from less than 10 messages a year in my spam folder to as many as 60 a day in the past few months. But Gmail continues to keep all of them out of my Inbox. I’ve had my Gmail account since the beta and also have a paid Google Workspace account handling mail for two personal domains. Gmail is forwarded to Google Workspace and a handful of rules sorts and files most of the messages for all three accounts.

If you are already a Gmail user you might want to consider forwarding one of your other accounts to Google to see if a similar set up would work for you.


I’m looking for the same thing, because I’m downsizing from an iMac + MacBook to just a MacBook, so I can’t run SpamSieve all the time. That means I’ll get all kinds of spam on my iPhone. I have two email accounts - gmail and iCloud.

I’ve been looking for something similar as well. Something that will not only help with spam, but also sort mail. I’ve gotten into the “home server” space lately, and given the privacy focus on that community, I’m surprised I haven’t found an open source self-hosted alternative to Sanebox.

I use Mailroute for my most spammy email address on my custom domain. I’ve got an old, yearly, plan. Affordable for what it does – give me a digest every day of spam it’s blocked.

And I use Sanebox on all of my accounts as well. Lots of $$, but worth it to keep my inbox for important stuff.

I’m getting spammed with messages that look like they are from and to the same email address – and in the guts of the raw message they all route from .ru domains. SpamSieve just refuses to recognize them as spam. I’ve spent days uninstalling, reinstalling SpamSieve; retraining it; and mucking through the (literally) dozens and dozens of pages in their help file that go into excruciating detail. Writing the forum or the dev gets the same answer: retrain; read the docs.

So, I’m ready to through Mail and SpamSieve into the same dumpster.

Katie :frowning_face:

I took a quick look but did not find your issue on the Spam Sieve forum. Try there. Michael Tsai the developer is very helpful.

Another option for some people — the tinkering types… would be to get a Raspberry pi or similar small computer and load Ubuntu or similar Linux distro on it and use a Linux spam filter (e.g. something similar to ClamAV) — I’m not sure if there’s something that’s a perfect fit but perhaps. I use some custom PHP code I wrote about a year and a half ago to move mail around using PHP’s imap code — it runs every 15 minutes and moves mail into folders on my email account located in Europe. Works well and I’d bet there’s something that could be setup on Linux to do something like this if you don’t mind occasionally tinkering a little.