Alternative to TouchCursor for the Mac - Keyboard Maestro?

So on my Windows systems, I’ve been using an add on called TouchCursor. You can find it on SourceForge if you are interested.

What it lets you do is create another “activation” key, similar to the Cmd/Ctrl/Alt key. By default, it is the space bar. With it, you can hold down Space Bar, then press the letter I, and it instead does a cursor up. Space Bar + K does a cursor down, J and L do cursor left/right, and so on. You can create your own mappings and reassign any of these, as well as pick a different activation key other than Space Bar.

It also works for multiple keypresses, as long as I hold down Space Bar, I can hit the letter I and with each hit it moves the cursor up a row.

This is a great app as you can move the cursor around, etc without having to move your fingers off the home row position.

I’ve been trying to emulate this functionality with Keyboard Maestro, but so far can’t come up with the right combination. Was hoping someone might have some ideas, I’m hardly an expert at Keyboard Maestro.

Also open to an alternative application that will do the same thing, if anyone knows of one. It’s just a very valuable tool for me, and one that I really really really miss when I use my Macs. You wouldn’t believe how much faster it is to type when you don’t have to constantly move your fingers from the home row to the cursor keys, reach over to delete, etc.


macOS supports Emacs-style keybindings for moving the cursor. While these are not home row keys, if you are set on the home row you might have better luck trying to remap these rather than trying to create something from scratch.

+1 for the Logitech solar keyboards with num pad that I use with work Surface Pro and home iMac.

So I looked at BTT, but couldn’t quite get it to do what I want. The problem is it still lets the keystrokes through instead of intercepting them. It then backspaces, or uses Ctrl+Z to remove what you typed.

In text this isn’t too bad, although visually distracting. But if I’m elsewhere, say on a web page and want to scroll up, it causes all kinds of unwanted side effects.

I briefly looked at the emacs suggestion, I don’t think it’ll work exactly like I want either, but I’m going to go back and research more.