Alternative to VueScan and Fujitsu's Scansnap Home / ScanSnap Manager?

I know folks have been unhappy with ScanSnap’s new “Home” app and the restrictions related to it, and I’ve heard people talk about VueScan but ExactScan is a new-to-me option that I thought I’d mention.

Here’s a list of Compatible Scanners.

Here’s the cost sheet (looks like $80 without OCR, $100 with OCR).

I haven’t used it myself, just passing it on as a potential interest to others.

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ExactScan works really well with ScanSnap iX500. Just install the app, quit out of ScanSnap app and set up your prefs. A good intro on YouTube: . Have used for many years in a small business. Not the prettiest and a tad on the expensive side but virtually all aspects of the scanning can be customised and set to profiles.