Alternatives to Apple Pro XDR Display?

I am using a Macbook Air (M1) with an LG Ultrafine 27 inch display and would like to upgrade to a 32-inch display.

Are there any good alternatives to the pricey Apple Pro XDR that would provide image quality similar to the LG in a larger format?

Thanks in advance.

I started this quest around 6 months ago, and at this time, I did not find a monitor that has the same pixel density. For a 32” you need a 6K monitor to maintain the density similar to the LG monitor you have.

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I had understood that all the monitors comparable to the Apple Pro XDR display cost upwards of $30,000. :slightly_smiling_face:

LG does make a 5K2K monitor that is (I think) 34”. As far as I can tell that is the closest you can get to the Pro Display XDR at a larger size than 27”. I have not seen either monitor in person to be able to compare image quality and use. If money were not an issue I would opt for the XDR, but in the real world I’ve been thinking about the LG.


How close would this(LG 5K2K monitor) be to Apple Pro XDR quality?

I ended up with a three of LG UltraFine Display 32UL950 31.5-inch - UHD 4K 3840x2160 Nano IPS, HDR, Thunderbolt 3 displays

Not the 6K of the Pro XDR but great monitors, Thunderbolt convenience and I/O and lots of screen real estate. HDR performance is great as well…best 3 monitors are still less than half the price of one Pro XDR

Unless it’s a reference monitor, it won’t be anywhere near close.

True but the use cases for reference monitors are very limited and specialist. Even as a photographer I can work well with my LG monitors using default calibration profiles.

I have used the LG Ultrafine 27" in the original questions and stepped “up” to the 4K 32" HDR ones and have been impressed with them. Unfortunately comparing them the Pro XDR is similar to compare a Mercedes to a Rolls Royce. Both are good cars looking for difference kind of customers.