Alternatives to Apple TV 4K Siri Remote

Can we agree $59 is ridiculous for a remote?
Is there a less expensive (small) alternative?
(We can use the phone app, but don’t always have our phones at hand.)

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I found out by accident that my TV remote interacts with the Apple TV well enough, might be worth trying the TV remote.

Same with mine, I have a Samsung TV and the remote automatically controls Apple TV (although I much prefer the Siri remote!)

There must be others available on the market, think the multi-device remotes.

Yes the Apple TV will work with many other programmable remotes.

If you can find one of the older AppleTV remotes, they will work, without the slider-thing at the top, of course. But, on the other hand, your chances of accidentally pressing it are much lower!

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Our LG remote works, as do Logitech remotes (but they’re not cheap)

Thanks everyone!

Had one of the old Apple IR remotes, must have donated it as it wasn’t compatible with my 2015 MBP. I think I’ll buy one though. The touch pad on the new remote is kind of fiddly.

I just don’t like the 40-button remotes, so I ordered one of the old-style Apple IR remotes, taught the Apple TV, and it’s working fine. A couple of shortcomings, no volume control, and no sleep button (whatever it’s called).
Thanks again for the input!

My favorite remote is my iPhone + Remote app.

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