Alternatives to MailHub on macOS Catalina?

Hi there,

I am (more or less desperately) looking for a replacement for a Mail app plug-in called MailHub on macOS.
(It seems that the developer is no longer supporting the plug-in, and Catalina killed the last working version.)

MailHub was brilliant at learning my email-into-folder filing habits and suggested the most appropriate email folder to chuck messages into. One could also „send & file“ messages which not only sent a message, but also filed the original massage and it’s (sent) reply to a (fitting) folder. And since I have a lot of folders (I know, I am one of those people), MailHub was an excellent help.

Any suggestions from the MPU crowd?

Kind regards from Berlin,

Have you looked at SmallCubed MailSuite?

Thanks for your suggestion.
Yes, I had a look at their product. It just seems to me like quite a large hammer for a rather small nail.

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Have you looked on the MailHub forums? I’ve been using the beta for quite a while on Catalina and haven’t run into any trouble with it.

Have you tried

Thanks for all the great input.
I’ll have a look at the alternative message filer, but I’ll stay away from the beta for now.

Hi jan_onno, I have the same problem. did you find any decent replacement? I miss mailhub for filing and reminders and was not able to find any good alternative