Alternatives to Roku

YouTube TV is no longer available on Roku devices. Regardless, my old Roku device is on the way out. Should I finally switch to Apple TV? The new model looks very appealing and perfect for YouTube TV.

YouTubeTV works fine on my AppleTV 4K. Hopefully Google will not pull YouTubeTv out of AppleTV.

It wouldn’t surprise me if that happens. Google is becoming more and more anti-competitive as the days go by. :worried:

What TV do you have? It’s probably not worth it if you don’t have a TV that can support all those features. Not to mention, YouTube is built in to pretty much every TV so you don’t need a box if that is your main focus.

Your Roku won’t lose YouTube anyway, just new users can’t get it.

Oh, I am referring to YouTube TV, not the regular version of YouTube.

Oh, sorry, I thought if the device had the YouTube app, it could play YouTube TV. is that not true?

Anyway, I have the last model 4k Apple TV, and it’s nice and all, but it’s really expensive compared to the competition and I am not sure I really get from it. Most of what I use it for, my Samsung TV/Xbox/PS already have apps for. I do use it for Fitness sometimes though.

Edit: the thing I do love of the Apple TV is the screensaver. They are amazing.


YoutubeTV works well on the Amazon Firestick and Amazon Firestick 4K. We’ve gotten them when they dipped to $25/$35 either from Amazon or Best Buy. There are other devices family members have used, but the Firesticks are the only ones we like besides the AppleTV. Our LG TV does have a YouTubeTV app as well.

Yes. In 20 characters.

I can’t speak about Youtube TV, because I don’t live in the states. But if my assumption is correct, any android tv box may be able to play Youtube (TV).

If you’re looking for budget version, Xiaomi’s Mibox 4 is a good device. It’s capable of playing Youtube, Netflix and casting Infuse (from iOS), Spotify, Pocket Casts and Soundcloud with no problem.

If you use YouTube TV you might want to try the new Chromecast. It has 4K HDR, all the apps I had on Apple TV, and a remote that controls your TV volume, power, inputs, etc. $50.

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I love my Apple TV’s, but I recently bought a cheap Amazon Fire Stick 4K and I was pretty pleasantly surprised. Youtube, Netflix and Plex all run really well on it.

If I had to replace an Apple TV now I’d think twice about buying another given the FireStick was 1/6th of the price.

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The YouTube app is separate from the YouTube TV app. They’re essentially two different services.

Gosh, if YouTube pulled out of AppleTV that would surely be the end of watching YouTube for me, lol. I have YouTube premium and it makes for a great experience on ATV.

now, they are the same app!

or at least according to John Gruber and the linked article.