Always open link in other browser than Safari?

I need to open a specific link every day. But the site doesn’t perform fully in Safari and when I open it in Chrome or another browser then it works fine.

So is there a way to always have this link open in a specific browser, like Chrome, each time I press it?

There is Choosy that lets you select the browser to open, and set rules for automatically doing so.

There’s also Browsersaurus but it doesn’t have rules, and you have to select the browser every time, which gets old.

There’s also Finicky, which has rules like Choosy, but you’ll need to hack config files and the like.

Edit: forgot you don’t have a Mac, but will leave these for others that might be looking.

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Those are all good suggestions, if we’re talking about macOS… but this is iOS or iPadOS then I think the only way you could do it would be to use Shortcuts and make a shortcut on your home screen that opens the URL in the browser of your choice.

That’s assuming that the link is the same every day.

If the link is not the same every day, then my best guess would be to use the share menu to send it to the proper browser, or create a shortcut that will accept the URL and send it to that browser.

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The link is the same every day and I’m using Due to open it on iOS and iPadOS which I should have made clear, sorry. I don’t have a Mac

I guess Google Chrome has some shortcut for me to open the link in it’s browser for Due

How can I run a shortcut from Due?

I found this shortcut that creates a link to open shortcuts from Due:

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