Am I looking for an app that doesn't exist?

Does it do so on mobile? That is the problem I’m running into with DEVONthink. Also does the mobile version have a find command to search within the document of plain text files?

Does it do what I need as indicated in the above reply?

Notebooks app is worth a try.

Not my experience. I just created a test “txt” document, then tried to find it via the search. Worked, far as I can tell. Dunno about your experience with testing.

That post your linked to initiated in 2017 and last entry from the developer of the app is Nov 2021, a long time ago. Perhaps you could have replied to that thread in that forum to get the story of current status from the developers?

That being said, the macOS version of DEVONthink is the place to do serious and productive document searching/research. IMHO.


Global search to find documents works, but there’s no search within the currently open document in DTTG, unless it’s a PDF, when there is a magnifying glass available in the toolbar. on mobile will search OCRd pdfs and markdown or plain text files in its library (which is just a folder). I don’t own DevonThink, but I’ve heard its database can include folders not “within” its database. So perhaps a solution is DT on Mac and Notebooks on mobile. But I can’t verify this unfortunately

Definitely a show stopper! :wink:

I know it’s unpopular, but doesn’t Evernote meet these requirements?

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That is correct, that is the problem I’ve run into. I should have been clearer in my OP.

I used EN extensively for ~10 years and as I recall it does. However, I abandoned EN for many of the reasons cited often in this forum: the subscription is expensive, the company lost its way, frequent changes in leadership, and limited export options (I should add this is a major draw back of Apple Notes).

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Notwithstanding my geninue effort to not switch apps I may need to give Notebooks and Keepit a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

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Notebooks and Keepit are two alternatives to DT that have been recommended to me. Thank you.

Has anyone one tried both Notebooks and Keepit and then decided on one versus the other and if so, why?

That seems to be the case. I may need to change my approach to the hardware rather than changing my applicaiton.


More expensive than changing apps multiple times? :wink:


Yes, changing apps has been a rather expensive (but enjoyable) hobby for many of us in recent years. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not at all since I already have the hardware; I may just need to make a minor change on how I use it: most work on the MBP and relegate use of the iPad primarily to reading/annotating and text input. I think I’ve been trying to make the “car” (iPad) into a “truck” (Mac). :wink:


I was referring to the time you all invest in changing your workflows rather than working with the workflow you have. My personal version of this is rearranging my office and desk setup once a year. I’ll never get that time back but I like to say it makes me more productive.

My amazing M1 MacBook Air has eliminated any need I have for an iPad. (Although I admit it will be nice when cellular networking finally makes it to the Mac!)


I agree–this has been a bad habit of mine–one I’m trying to break. I’ve made progress. Even with this DTTG hiccup, I’ve decided NOT to change apps–I’ll just work around the problem and stop trying to “maximize”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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For me Notebooks won over KeepIt in that you can store your “vault” anywhere you like (you can even use the same folder as your Obsidian vaults) This capability is included in the Desktop version but it’s a small one-time payment on the mobile app, totally worth it in my opinion.

Both are pretty capable and fine apps.