Any easy way to transfer everything from DT3 to Notebooks App

inspired by this post, I am also thinking of moving from DT3 to Notebooks App.

Just wondering there is any easy wasy to export DT3 databases to Notebooks App

Not a good decision man.
In-File search is definitely an annoyance on the Dt side. But, as you use Notebooks, I am pretty sure you will realize that you find even many more features lacking.

I have both of these apps. And, I can tell, DT is miles ahead (at least on the Desktop side).

But, if you really want to do that migration, you can simply drag the parent directories in DT to Notebooks.


thanks, noted your comments. I also use both but I do not use a lot of advanced features in DT3, hence I am going to try using Notebook on Mac and iPad.

can you elaborate on

Are your files imported or indexed in DT?
If you are indexing, you don’t need to do anything inside DT. you can simply go to the indexed folder in Finder and drag that to Notebooks (or to the “vault”).
But, if you are importing (storing it in the database of DT), you can select the file in DT and drag it to Notebooks. The files will be copied to your Notebooks “vault”.

Note that Notebooks is like Obsidian. It doesn’t store files in its database. It keeps files in Finder folder (known as “vault”). So, anything you write or copy to is going to be stored in that folder.
The same goes to KeepIt. So, dragging a file to Notebooks has the same effect as dragging it to the finder vault folder.

thanks for the tip. Most of my files in DT3 are imported . I shall follow your guide to drag them into the Notebooks App. Would be my mini project for the next couple of weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Reviving an old topic to ask… @fuzzygel… How did you get on with Notebooks?

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Also interested in this! Since I am still hesitating before moving some of my documents and notes to Notebooks (while keeping them visible from the Finder and keeping some basic notes to Apple Notes)