Amazing Cleaning App - Tody!

I’ve experimented with keeping my house cleaning tasks in Todoist but it’s not the perfect fit for my workflow! There are some days I can’t complete certain cleaning tasks and I generally find it hard to view what’s upcoming that needs to be cleaned.

Tody is a paid app ($7) but it’s so worth it! It allows you to customize what rooms you have in your house…what tasks you want to complete…when they need to be completed and much more! While it’s definitely a high price tag having a specific app for it is really helpful!

You can even use it with multiple people so you’re not redoing cleaning tasks that don’t need to be done again and you can sort by effort required!


Tody’s okay. I’ve had it for a couple of years. I preferred Unfilth Your Habit and Brightnest, myelf. Brightnest’s iOS app apparently got discontinued but the free website remains awesome.

There’s also Home Routines ($.99) from Wunderbear. Also Chorma, which is free (but offers a $20/yr subscription - but I never tried them.

FYI Tody is $6.99 but the price bounces around a bit. Last Xmas I remember seeing it for $4.99.

Are you still using Tody for your cleaning purposes or have you found a better app for that?