Amazon Faux Leather Watch Strap Buckle thing broke, suggestions for a better durable replacement?

So the brown thing broke (there were 2 now just one). Already going to return it to Amazon. I’m admittedly rough on straps as I send to strap it pretty firm to my wrist. Given I’m a SPED educator I don’t want it wobbling and shifting. I’m willing to pay a bit more for something good quality. I do like a dark buckle if it’s a buckle one as it matches my Apple Watch. Suggestions appreciated.

Monowear’s Deployant leather band is what I’ve been wearing for years.

I assume you’re asking about a strap for an Apple Watch, yes? I’ve had good experiences with inexpensive ($20-$30) canvas watch straps from Barton, which make these in various colors for the AW as well as regular watches. I currently use a gray one with my dive watch.

That’s close to what I’m looking for but wish it came slightly darker in brown.

It has gotten darker over time, though maybe I just need to clean it?

Bonus passed-out Greyhound in the background.


Every tech photo should have a passed-out greyhound the background.


That looks great now! I think I’ll buy that band.

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Also check out - rumor has it that they should be really good quality.

Haven’t tried them myself though. Yet.