Amazons new devices. What were they thinking?

An echo microwave and coffee pot? Jobs would have a time ripping this.
What are your thoughts? Stupid? Brilliant? Somewhere between?

I think it’s a little silly myself. I mean, you have to put your food in the microwave how hard is it to punch in a few numbers?

The market usually classifieds silly. If you don’t watch too much late night TV.

There are a lot of positive sides for accessibility in being able to use voice and not small, fiddly dials, buttons and displays.


Millennials + Disposal Income -> Stuff You Never Thought You Would Need


The Smart Plug looked intriguing and I ordered one to try out (arriving Oct. 11). Other than an Echo Dot and a Sonos One that is Alexa-enabled, I don’t have a “smart home” and not interested in going all in to have one.


Let us know how you like it!

FYI Amazon has a promotion through September 28th in which if you trade-in your current Echo device (they’re offering me $5 for my 2nd-gen Dot which I bought last Black Friday for $30), they’ll also give you a 25% promotional discount toward an All-new Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Spot, All-new Echo Show, or All-new Echo Plus. When you’re ready to buy (say, when deals come on Black Friday), simply add the new Echo device to your Cart and the 25% discount will be applied at checkout. The trade-in payment is in the form of an Amazon Gift Card that can also be applied to the new Echo purchase at checkout (or at any time at all, for any Amazon purchase).

Last Black Friday the then-current Echo Plus had dropped from $150 to $120. The new Plus model, at $150, can be preordered now in a deal that comes with a Phillips Hue bulb. But it after trade-in and it will cost $112.50. Hold onto the promo discount until the price hopefully drops to $120 and you’d be able to get it (sans Hue bulb) for $90.


Two Smart Plugs arrived today, and I used one in the living room and one in the bedroom for lamps. They were easy to set up. I can turn them on or off by using the Alexa app on my phone or just saying to an Alexa-enabled device, “Alexa, turn on First Plug.” Nice that I can turn on lights at home while I’m still at the office or elsewhere. I’m not interested in setting up a Smart Home, so this is just a convenience feature for me.

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I currently have the Dot in my bedroom. It’s great for news, weather, setting laundry timers, and asking what time it is in the middle of the night. In a pinch I’ll use it as a Bluetooth speaker for podcasts.

I’m intrigued by the Amazon microwave with Alexa built-in. I could probably go for a new microwave, and having those multiple timers could be the selling point to convince me… assuming reviews for the microwave itself are good.