Ambient Noise Background Videos

I’ve seen a few of these ambient background atmosphere videos on YouTube before but never really bothered with them. This afternoon I went to Batuu with @MacSparky :rofl:

It was actually good fun doing some light work with the sights and noise of Batuu in the background. Anyone else tried it?

@MacSparky - Hope to see another one in the future. Maybe include some footage of you working on your iPad? The “study/work with me” videos seem quite popular on YouTube?

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Or maybe in the ship.

For me, I need rhythmic beats and nothing that stands out too much, nothing harsh. Also, NO WORDS. This distracts me greatly. I love Groove Salad at for this reason. Except lately there are a lot of ambient tracks that seem to think it’s really fun to mingle in weird cult preachers or NASA mission control recordings. Freakin’ HATE that.

Thus Batuu won’t work for me, people talking and such. The Enterprise thing is better, but no beat to it.

Yes, my brain is a strange place to be…


It’s really hard to beat Lofi Girl.
On YouTube, Apple Music and all the platforms.


I LOVE me some lofi! Especially w/ little moving things. No idea why I’m so drawn to this lol

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I use the mynoise app and it’s great if you can get over the non-native feeling UI. I also donate occasionally to the web site. There are some generators that aren’t available in the app, and they are great for concentrating.


I’m a big fan of the synthwave/chillwave genre for this kind of thing. It’s got a bit more energy to it than the lofi stuff (though that’s great too).


Check out Part 1 of Max Richter’s Sleep for a steady, low beat.

Also, in Spotify search “study web” for variety in playlists.


I’m on my 30 day free trial of YouTube Premium. Just started playing this. Great recommendation! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been doing the LoFi thing for a while, mostly using LoFi Girl on YouTube. I’ve tried other forms of music like classical and jazz, but they tend to be distracting.

Thanks for suggesting MyNoise - what a great website. Working from home all day I really value the coffee shop experience - my most productive place to work - while paying made-at-home coffee prices! :smile:


I watch a lot of the soundtrack-y ones. There are several set in Star Wars and Harry Potter that work for me.

The idea with the one we made was to have no music but just the ambient background from Disneyland. I haven’t really done much to promote it and it is not very popular so far, but I sure like it :wink: