An alternative to TheBrain?

I’ve been using TheBrain for a few years, but really struggle with the pricing. I like the app, especially the visual way it connects data (more visual than DT or Tinderbox) but am looking for an alternative. Wondering if anyone here has used it and moved onto a similar product??


I never used it, but may I suggest MindNode? It’s the only mind mapping app that works pretty well for me and I tried many of them.

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For a general list of alternatives, you could check here:

I’ve used Mindnode for quite a while, and really like it. But I’m looking for something with a more longitudinal structure…meaning you can put a log to things in it over a great period of time. Store and connect…

Hi CoachMike,

I have the same issue. Were you be able to find a decent alternative to TheBrain.
Appreciate your assistance

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Hi Ishyam…no good solution.

I use Curio for somethings and for others.

But I do miss the connections that TB offered…but cannot justify the cost…so…no real good solution…