An iPhone user tries top-of-the-line Android phones for a few months, and is impressed

I’ve heard the best Android cameras are better than iPhone cameras before, and was skeptical. I’m less skeptical now.

Frequently I get a call from a frustrated Android switcher that they can’t figure out how to add a 2nd email account. Since I don’t know anything about Android I can’t help them and refer to online tutorials, youtube videos etc. Even sending them back to the store where the “experts” hang out who also cant figure out how to add multiple email accounts to one application just like we can with the default Mail app…

And don’t even try an iCloud email account…

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Ah, another clickbaity piece from the ever-so-clickbaity Adrian Kingsley-Hughes. The same Adrian Kingsley-Hughes who a decade ago wondered “Can Apple Survive its Move Toward Mass Market?” and reported “iPad: Perfectly flawed” and “I don’t think Apple can fix the iOS mess it’s created.” and “Why Apple doesn’t need a 7-inch iPad” and who seems to be as much of an Apple user as, I dunno, Rob Enderle?

As MacWorld’s pseudonymous Macalope once wrote, “Every time Adrian Kingsley-Hughes blogs about Apple, a kitten dies.”


To be fair, the iPad is perfectly flawed.

I first heard that phrase applied to the character McNulty on The Wire.

The point is that Kingsley-Hughes is a hot-take clickbait-grabber and really not the guy you want to be quoting on MPU or Reddit. :man_shrugging:

Edit: It was just last year that he wrote, “iOS usability is now garbage” along with the risible “…Windows never suffered from the horrendous performance, stability, and bugginess issues that iOS is having…” And as I noted, he’s been doing this kind of nonsense for over 12 years.


I thought this article was interesting. Another article, another day I might not share.

And I like Enderle, who has made a couple of good points over the years. I used to quote him and publish him.

Enderle, snorfle.

Cook is “the guy who liked doing everything that Steve Jobs hated to do,” Enderle says. “When you make Jobs’ polar opposite the CEO, it’s probably not going to work out well.”

Gruber has a habit of making mincemeat out of him (for good reason), like

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I have used an Android phone for a couple of years. There are plenty of mail apps available and I have never had a problem adding different accounts.

More choice and competition is s good thing, surely?

Using multiple email accounts in one app?

Back when I was interviewing Enderle regularly, in the late 90s and early 2000s, he had two insights that stuck with me for all the intervening years:

  • Enderle said that if the DoJ hadn’t tried to force a split on Microsoft, the company probably would have done it themselves, because Microsoft needed to be split up for its own good. The desktop OS, apps and server divisions had become obstacles to each other. We saw this more clearly later under the Ballmer years; any time one business unit tried to innovate, it threatened another business unit’s monopoly and the innovation was quashed. Later, Microsoft found a different solution entirely.
  • When Steve Jobs was sick but still alive, with rumors spreading that Jobs was not long for the Earth, Enderle said Apple under Jobs’s successor would be a less interesting company, more like a conventional multibilliondollar tech company, with proliferating, confusing and sometimes competing product lines. Apple might still make great products (Enderle said) but it would no longer be an extension of a single genius’s vision.

Also, I have always found Enderle to be an enjoyable person to talk with.

I have no idea what kind of phone, tablet or desktop Enderle used, but I have found the journalists who are hardest on Apple are often Apple users, or former Apple users who were legitimately burned. I think it was Kevin Smith who said Star Wars fans are people who hate Star Wars more than most people do.

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I’m glad to hear he’s an enjoyable person to talk to but anyone who’s familiar with history of the one-man ‘Enderle Group’ knows that he was a troll-clown constantly attacking Apple (while coincidentally taking consulting $$ from Apple’s competitors), and was constantly predicting doom that never occurred. He’s about as well-regarded as Trip Chowdhry or John Dvorak (who once admitted on stage that he was trolling Apple).

Here;s an oldie but a goodie.

And another.

I understand Android users. Many people just need email, calendaring, reminders,To Do’s text, music, etc, and a couple of apps to handle things like banking.

I’m one of them and I can’t think of any reason to replace my 6s with a new iPhone. Except that I’d like a camera with really great low light capability. I can get that with a Pixel 3a - and not lose the use of my headphone jack.

I’m a Gmail, Google Drive, etc. user so making the swap to Android would be a breeze. And I could continue to use my iPad & Mac exactly as I do now. I’ve got one more year to make up my mind.

Yes John, ‘More choice and competition is a good thing’.

Yes, the camera is usually what tempts me to upgrade.

Not always though. I’d probably still be using my iPhone 7 Plus but I got tired of carrying that big thing around. Happy with my iPhone XS now and not seeing anything that strongly tempts me to upgrade.

That’s right. At the moment, iCloud and Outlook using Spark.

Awesome, please share the manual how you did it.

Outlook is really not a bad email app. I’m required to use it for work.

The one thing I really miss is the ability to set alerts when I receive a reply to a particular mail thread, which I only use a few times a year but which is ultra-useful when I do use it.

In Spark -
Main menu (top left)
Mail accounts
Add account

I tested it again by adding Gmail and switched on colour coding to show which emails derive from which account. It all worked as I hoped.

Thanks I will store this advice for future use.