An IT Manager's Home and Office Setup

Hey folks. Here’s some images of my home and work office setup. They’re very similar in both places and have taken some time to refine. The 2017 MacBook Pro 13 Inch is my main machine. This is my one device which holds my entire digital life both personal and professional! I use Duet Display to utilise my 6th Gen iPad as an additional display.

Working as an IT Manager and Microsoft Trainer I need to work heavily with and in Windows networks so having a Mac can sometimes be tricky but with VMWare fusion and a range of Virtual Machines I can be quite productive.

Some of the apps I use include…

Todoist - Task & Project management
Adobe Creative Suite - I also do digital design work which is all done in Adobe Creative Cloud
VMWare Fusion - for Virtual Machines
Microsoft Office - for Work things!
GNS3 - Cisco Virtual Networking emulation
Microsoft Remote Desktop - To get to my servers
MindNode - Mind mapping when planning new projects or working through something tricky
1Password - for all my work and personal passwords
Termius - for telnet and SSH
Keynote - sometimes used for project planning
Sketch - for designing system icons

Although most IT Pro’s like multiple monitors, I’ve never been too keen. Having the iPad down near the keyboard is useful though if I’m working on a complex project or if I’m creating some training resources/studying.



Curious: Why do you keep the laptop in clamshell and instead use the iPad as a second monitor?

When I videoconference as a host, I usually use the laptop, external, and iPad screens to place presentations, chat boxes, bandwidth monitors, etc.

Lovely colour scheme. (Adopting the spelling of your location based on electric plug configuration.)

I take it you don’t have video team meetings? If so, how do you modify your setup?


What great looking work spaces! These kinds of posts always tempt me to have a few drinks and then post pictures of the disasters that are my home and work office spaces :laughing:


Interesting placement of the iPad as additional monitor above the keyboard. I’ve always tried off to the side. Might have to give this a try.

I’ve resisted using the MacBook Pro screen for a couple of reasons. Firstly I just can’t get along with the angle it would be at and because of that I didn’t find it useful. I’m also a bit worried about the keyboard. I’m hoping having it closed most of the time will help keep the dust out.

The iPad screen is a nice little add-on and I find it more useful glancing down at my eMails or task lists.


I do the same thing for the same reason…

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This is a great setup and I am now trying to replicate it as I am in the process of figuring out what I need for my home office.

One question I do have, the mat under the keyboard, what material is it and how is it for using the mouse on?


Thanks, it’s like a thick felt material. I also now have one for my work office desk too. I find it really comfortable.

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Perfect, thanks for the quick response - away to give Jeff Bezos more of my money.


Which power mode do you use for that closed notebook ? I though when you start the notebook and close the lid it will go to sleep.

If you have power plugged it then it shouldn’t go to sleep.

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That’s right. It’s always plugged in so never sleeps. I do find that MacOS isn’t too reliable when you are plugging and unplugging displays in closed mode. Sometimes it takes a few ‘re-plugs’ to get it showing on the display.

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