An Obsidian homescreen for iPhone and iPad

Just sharing a big write-up on a variety of Shortcuts I’ve created that work well on the homescreen.

iOS’s new Files actions are awesome. Those, plus a few design patterns for working with plain text and links, make it easy to tap into notes systems as a hub for everything else in your life.


Another excellent assist from Dr. Obsidian :+1: :+1:


Doc Obs > Doc Oct

Although some of you are already thinking "Yeah, but think how productive I could be if I had 4 more arms!!


How would Doc Ock type with those things? Giant keyboards, obviously, I guess.

Unrelated, but related to the shortcuts I shared: my Lumberjack plugin, central to the bottom two in the list, has been released on the Community Plugins gallery in Obsidian. More info: GitHub - ryanjamurphy/lumberjack-obsidian: Log your thoughts! Lumberjack adds URL commands to help you axe inefficiency and get right to writing.

I might make a standalone thread about it. It is a great option for folks that like the idea of Drafts without wanting to do the Drafts hopscotch with their notes.


The daily notes shortcuts are v helpful. Thank you.

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