An Old App Bought Again *How To Cook Everything*

Looking through Paprika for shrimp bisque recipes I remembered a cookbook that had on my iTouch. In 2010, I bought a version of How To Cook Everything.

Went to the App Store and bought the new version.again. Nostalgia purchase but Bittman’s choices seemed tasty back then. We’ll see how they hold up. Got the vegitarian book too… Fifteen dollars US for both apps…

How to Cook Everything by Culinate, Inc.


Please report on your findings. Embarrassed to say I purchased, but never used :frowning:
Buon Appetito!

Looking for a dinner idea… I had both ground beef and pork defrosted, the Bolognese sauce looked promising.

Did not see a standard share sheet buf found print and email functions. Print worked but e-mail failed (ipad, with Spark), The publiishers website claimed e-mail was fixed a couple versions ago.

For the premium price on a nine year old based app I want better.

I have a few hundred personally vetted recipes in Paprika so … free trial access to the New York Times recipe section with a short subscription might be better for me.

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