Analog Time Blocking on small items?

Did I hear correctly that @MacSparky isn’t timeblocking in his circa, but is using half of an analog system index card? Anyone else doing anything similar? I like the idea of keeping it right in front of you, and not flipping back and forth to notes, I’d thought of using a half size circa or the ugmonk @mikeschmitz does for a similar effect.

I was just thinking the same thing after listening to some Cal Newport podcasts. I already have (and love) the Analog system, it’d be cool to meld the two worlds somehow. I’m thinking instead of the vertical space allotment each line could just have a start/end time written, and references to subtasks could point to the back of the card… reorganizing the day would be tough on the small surface, though.

Oh man this sent me down a rabbit hole. I hadn’t heard of Analog until this post but I think I might pull the trigger on the starter kit, looks amazing. I have terrible ADHD and get lost in trying new and updated productivity apps and task managers and this might be perfect for me.