And my wife is wondering why my clothes are dirty while I work in iT... 🤣

Removing redundant wiring from desks is a common task for me. Here I am upgrading the workstation for a photographer from an old Mac Pro that had a cluster in and external drives attached to it. To an iMac Pro and I consolidated all drives in a OWC 6 drive JBOD enclosure and migrated the entire system so that the user will keep his familiar setup and workflow on a new, much faster system.

Sure the it would be better to build s RAID storage system. And if it was my workstation I would have done a clean setup. But I have to keep in mind that what would be the best setup from my professional point of view and the user who wants to remain within his or her workflow that is comfortable from them. And were big changes in workflow and setup are only implements to solve a problem and are not a goal for the sake of it.!


Dude, I’m having flashbacks LOL
Spent a lot of my working career in that position, not to mention schlepping vehicles full of old PC’s to recycling centers, unboxing pallets of PC’s and printers, cleaning out old cables that no longer fit anything, etc. Fortunately my bosses always fought for dark jeans and tennis shoes instead of whatever business casual dress code everyone else had to wear.
My last position my office was actually in the server room. Freakin’ cold as hell lol

Sweet upgrade for that photographer. I know that when I finally abandoned my collection of this-and-that external hard drives for bigger boxes, that logistically-simpler set up translated into a feeling of well-being.

I remember those days… I worked in IT support for almost 10 years. Don’t know how many pairs of pants or shirts I ruined doing that.

Floors are surprisingly dirty :laughing:

And then all the dust and food particles that has accumulated over the years or even decades… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Today is a much cleaner job :grinning:


I used to do onsite servicing for Point of Sale computers. Climbing under counters, covered in dust, computers full of dust. The worst one was reaching behind a computer looking for a loose cable and finding someone’s lunch had been sat on the computer and slid down the back. Months earlier. And putting my hand in it.


Doesn’t sound nice at all!

Was revolting…

No more site visits for me.

I had an incident whereby I rested my arm upon a desk to use a users mouse to find stuck to my sleeveless arm were finger nail cuttings…

I remember that we started to keep Clorox wipes behind the Geniusbar.
People arguing with us about liquid damage after we handled the phone for a while only to hear that it had been dropped on the toilet :rage:

Might even be cleaner after the drop:

I had users with keyboards so gross I wouldn’t touch them. Fortunately, in those days, Apple Remote Desktop was still a half decent product for remote support.

IMO, it was log in remotely or wear single use examination gloves.