And the angels sang.... Big Sur 11.3 Beta enables systemwide audio output to stereo HomePods

As the title says, Beta 11.3 now outputs systemwide audio to stereo HomePods. This is so so long overdue. You can now:

Work in Logic to stereo HomePods (without workarounds)
Play Youtube etc through stereo HomePods
Play games through stereo homepods
Etc etc etc…

And the angels sang…

Nice! I thought this was never going to happen.

EDITED, deleted my original post:

I misread this post. My bad. 11.3 Beta! Not the shiny new 11.2! :slight_smile:

So, yay, I am looking forward to the 11.3 official release in the future. Until then AirPlay will have to do it for me… :slight_smile: