Andale Mono Font

Hello Mac Power User community. I’m just now transitioning from Facebook to the new group setting. Thank you.

I have a question: Why doesn’t MacOS include Andale Mono Bold, Italic, and Italic Bold in Font Book?

Also, are there any work arounds? The only one I know of is to type in Microsoft Word for Mac (or pay $89 / font to Monotype).

I ask because Monotype is very good for my eyes, apparently.

Thanks in advance for any help.

PS: I miss Katie

See if consolas works for you.

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Andale Mono is no longer included with Windows either, I suspect a licensing issue. I see has reduced the price to $320/- (!) now for all four weights.

Monospace fonts are plentiful, and lots of alternatives exist, both free and commercial. I find that searching Google for “alternatives to” or even “free alternatives to” will produce a lot of options.

Which option you find attractive and viable will be highly individual.

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Thank you both! Although, now I have a new rabbit hole of font selection. I appreciate your help.