Andrew’s Home “Office”


I’m pretty proud of my home office setup (and tear down). I can be up and running +/-5 minutes after we get dinner cleaned up and it’s relatively ergonomic. Our townhouse is about 950 sq. ft., so a compact setup is crucial.

The whole setup breaks down into the plastic tub from ikea and gets stored in the closet(I have another tub with Ethernet cables, Blu-ray drives, etc.). Computer and iPad go back in my bag and I’m ready for work the next day.

Edit: I was home alone with the two year old tonight so I got him in bed and had dinner and worked on resetting passwords and cancelling old accounts while the wife was a bible study. I don’t normally keep a plate of roast beef with me when I’m at the computer.


Making the most of your space and an efficient setup process. Plus you can secure your gear from the two year old!

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Great view, and very efficient use of space!
I think having a plate of roast beef at the computer is perfectly normal :slight_smile:

I hadn’t considered that, but it is a considerable advantage. Now if only I could do that with my entertainment system…

Love it! three cheers for the dining room table as a home office! Revenge of the proletariat! MT 20:16

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Thanks for the inspiriation for using a basic box for everything that then doubles as a stand. Seems so simple, and yet I hadn’t thought of it :crazy_face:
I’m in the same situation of having no proper office or desk, and haven’t really found a great solution.
I’m currently looking into getting a sort of closet-office, with a fold-down tabletop of sorts, but it’s probably something I’ll have to get custom made, so…it’s a box for now, I think.

We should all keep a plate of roast beef by us at the computer! BTW, I’ve had a similar setup off and on through the years.


I have a closet under the stairs that could work for me but it’s full of coats and tools right now. Space gets tight with a wife and 2 year old. And we’re working on a bedroom office for my wife right now as she’ll be working from home starting in the next few weeks.

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